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As the Baton Rouge Real Estate Market continues to gain momentum, now is a good time to buy investment properties. The job market in the Greater Baton Rouge Area is good and growing, with Baton Rouge having a much lower unemployment level than much of the nation.  In addition, home values are steady and sales are continuing to increase, however not at a risky pace.

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Large 3 BR/3BA Home w/ office. Large living area with bricked in wood burning fireplace. Wood floors, large lot, no flood zone!




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Happiness In Louisiana Real Estate

The Journey

The Journey

“Are we there yet?” Yes, this is the phrase we’ve all uttered, especially during a long car ride. When it comes to happiness, living happy, being happy, etc…. Always asking “Are we there yet” could in itself be a factor that prevents one from being happy.

HAPPINESS is not based on “ifs” and “buts”. It is not based on circumstances. It is not a destination. Happiness cannot be owned, earned, worn, or consumed. – Except for maybe chocolate ;). So what is happiness then?


I have always been a “glass half full” type of person. A “can-do” optimist! I believe that attitude can mean everything. Having that type of perspective on life hasn’t always went unchallenged. With those that are “glass half empty” people, I’ve often seen this positive attitude be completely misunderstood – not only by strangers, but by some of the closest people in my life too. Being an optimist doesn’t mean I don’t have bad days, but it does mean Resilience.


Being thankful for adversities is not always easy, and yet many times that is exactly what propels us to growth in certain areas of our lives. Through adversity, I found Meaning and Purpose!

A man who knows the “WHY” for his existence, will be able to bear almost any “HOW.” ˜ Viktor Frankl

My Passion is People! Helping, encouraging, and Empowering People is something I would do everyday for free! There’s no better way to describe it other than to say it makes me feel “ALIVE“! This is the foundation that our Real Estate Team was built on. Daily, we Genuinely Care about people, Protect them, Promote them, and do more for them than anyone else would be willing. These are the values by which we set our core Belief and Mission to insure that we achieve our Vision.


Our Belief System
We believe “Change Someone’s Life…and it Will Change Yours”

Our Mission
To build careers worth having, businesses worth owning, and lives worth living.
To “Innovatively Change Lives…. One Home At A Time.”
To “Bring an Extra Dimension of Service to our Clients and our Industry.”

Our Vision
To be the Real Estate TEAM of choice, as we leave a Legacy by Inspiring everyone we meet!

This IS a way of life! It is an Attitude and A Purpose!

misunderstood–not only by strangers, but by some of the closest people in my life too. – See more at:
misunderstood–not only by strangers, but by some of the closest people in my life too. – See more at:

WE CHOOSE HAPPINESS!…………We hope that you will too! 🙂

Kristie 🙂

“Happiness is a journey, not a destination; happiness is to be found along the way not at the end of the road, for then the journey is over and it’s too late. The time for happiness is today not tomorrow.”

~Paul H Dunn

212 Degrees

212 Degrees
In everything you do both in business and in life…. that 1 Extra Degree of effort separates the good from the great!

 It’s not about Real Estate…. It’s about people

Denham SpringsCell (225) 955-5250
Office (225) 664-1911

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