Your Realtor Is A Lifelong Friend

                                                      Your Realtor Is A Lifelong Friend

When you start to shop for your first home, one of the first things you will do is connect with a Realtor. A realtor will ask you questions about you, your family and what you’re looking for in a home. They will begin with the basic real estate questions: how many bathrooms, how many bedrooms, what area of town, do you have children in school and what is your price range. These are basic, non-committal questions.

These are the basic need-to-know questions so that they can match you to right property. The answers you provide will help them eliminate properties that aren’t a good fit so as not to waste your time. As you work with your realtor though, you will build a bond together. They will find out more about you and your family as you look at properties. They will learn things about you and your family that will help them know more about the type of property that will fit you.

The chats and talks you have with your realtor will get them much more information than the basic questions listed above. They will get deeper into your thoughts and who you are as a person, who your spouse is and each of your children. An experienced realtor takes the time to get a personal feel for their clients. They reach out to build more than just a business transaction. They reach out to build friendships that last long after the closing day and handing you the keys to your new home.

By learning more about you, your family and your situation on a personal level, it helps the realtor you work with choose properties that will fit you better. The type of lifestyle you live can make a difference in the neighborhood they look for your next home. If you are the quiet couple that prefers to keep to yourselves, you aren’t going to want a home that is in the middle of families with kids riding bikes or running up and down the street. Nor will you want your home backed up to an interstate or near a baseball park.

Then again, if you are an active family with children that ride bikes and you have a boat, then finding you a home close to the water and around other families is ideal. A young family won’t stay young forever, and a realtor knows this and thinks about this even if you haven’t. You’ll need a house that grows with you and has room for the extra cars that teen drivers will add to the family in time. A couple just starting out and planning a family may not realize that a house on a busy intersection won’t be ideal when the planned children are here and start walking, riding trikes and playing outside.

A good Realtor will want to get to know as much about you as possible. Why? Because they want your referrals? Well yes, but also, those stand out agents care about building life long relationships both in life and in business. Sometimes life brings changes like job relocation or the need to relocate closer to elderly family members. Children grow up and move out, leaving mom and dad with a house that’s too big.  Even though you may purchase this home with the intentions of living there forever, families grow and needs change. A great Realtor knows her business well and she will work to get to know you just as well.



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