Louisiana Real Estate | Tips to Know Whether to Sell Your Home or Stay Put

With home prices on the rise, its always a time that makes some sellers wonder whether they should exercise the freedom of having some equity and make a move, or whether they should stay in hopes they can sell for more, later. With the growth projection in Louisiana for the next few years, now is a good time to weigh out your options.

The truth is, the decision to sell or stay is a very personal decision. The health of the market should come into play, but that should be considered into the circumstances of the rest of your life, family, career goals, and financial plans. If you are trying to decide whether to sell your home or stay put? Here are a few quick tips to know which decision is right for you.

Signs You Should Sell…

 1. You often desire a neighborhood upgrade.

Some people own homes in subdivisions or areas they used to love that have changed significantly. In growing areas like Baton Rouge and all its surrounding areas, change is happening all over the place. Perhaps your area has been built up in a different direction, or maybe it was rezoned, or because a school, freeway, or commercial development was brought in. Still other home owners simply fall out of love with their current location because their job has moved, which makes driving in traffic a pain. In any case, if your home’s location is not in tuned with your life or your tastes, That Fact is One that you will face every day, for the rest of the time you live in that home. It can become a serious source of dissatisfaction and even resentment every time you make your monthly mortgage payment. Dissatisfaction with your location or neighborhood can be a strong reason to sell and move. If you are able to make a move to a neighborhood that would better serve your life in a financially responsible way, now is the time to sell.

2.You are out of space and your family is too close for comfort.

I’m always amazed at how much stuff even the smallest of infant seems to need. If you have very young children and you’re already on top of each other, there’s a good chance that their space needs will grow as they do, even after all the baby gear is gone. School-aged kids and teenagers develop their own hobbies and need space for studies and sports. Then, on top of that, many parents of children can realistically anticipate moving their own parents in at some point in time. If you’re having a hard time finding a space for everything (and everyone), project your space needs out five years into the future. If you think you’ll need less space in five years ( because your kids will likely move out), it might not make sense to buy a bigger home now. But if it looks like you’ll need more space before you need less, that can be a sound reason for making a move.

Signs You Should Stay Put….

1. You can totally afford a new house – but only if you sell a kidney.
There’s nothing wrong with being a real estate dreamer, but it’s important to watch to make sure a “grass-is-greener-at-that-house” syndrome isn’t motivating you to make a financially unwise decision to sell and move. If you are thinking of selling your home and moving up, do your financial home work. Run your budgets, and expense reports to understand what level of increased financial obligation you can afford to take. Consider whether you might want to set up some savings before making a move. Work with a financial planner, your real estate and mortgage pros to fully understand all the financial implications, short- and long-term, of selling and moving before you put the sign up in the yard.

2. You can fix what is wrong with your home with modest remodeling projects.

 If your home is bothersome mostly because things don’t function well or its aesthetics are out of whack, you might be tempted to sell.  Here’s a tip-off: your “dream home” IS the Open House one block over that is nearly identical to your home in location, size, architecture, bedrooms and baths, but is impeccably decorated and updated. If you find yourself in this situation, you might very well be able to resolve your issues with some small remodeling projects on your current home.
On a budget, painting, landscaping, replacing trims and hardware and updating your appliances will likely give you the biggest boost in home love for your buck. Similarly, you can get a major enjoyment boost out of your home for very little money by bringing a handyman in to fix all those aggravating little items that make a home seem worn out, including:

 – drawers that stick
 – handles you have to jiggle
 – scrapes and scuffs that make it seem rundown.
 If you have a little more money to spend, consider a kitchen or bath remodel, having some custom organizers built in, or putting in the wood floors or deck you’ve always wanted. You might be surprised how fast home hate can turn into love when you start pampering your property.

Current Sellers Out There…… What made the biggest influence on your decision to sell?

Kristie Scivicque


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  2. Thank you Lipsa Herry | Sharon Bush. I love to help simplify so clients will have extra confidence in their decisions.


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