Buying Or Selling A House Can Be A Nightmare…. Without The Guidance Of A Realtor

Anyone recognize the house above?

Buying or selling a house is so much more complicated than it sounds. It is not as easy as finding a house you like with a For Sale sign, knock on the door, ask the price and write a check. Or deciding to sell your house and stick a sign out in the yard. There is paper work involved, even if it is a cash transaction. There are legalities involved, even if you’re paying cash or selling below market just to get rid of a property This is why it is always recommended to go with a professional realtor on either side of the transaction – Buying or Selling.

 An experienced realtor not only has unlimited access to properties for sale or know how to market a house to get the highest dollar possible, they are trained for so much more when it comes to moving real estate. When people try to do handle the process on their own, For Sale By Owner is an example, there are many factors that are often overlooked or not even thought of by either party.

The experience, knowledge and skills of a professional realtor is invaluable, not only at closing, when all the legal documents are being finalized and processed, but before you ever get to that part. Buying or selling a home is a complicated  transaction with important and intricate steps that should not be skipped.

On the buying side of the real estate game, there are repairs or replacements that could be required by not just the buyer, but if they are financing the purchase, the lender has a big say in the process. A lender is not going to blindly hand out thousands of dollars for an investment (which is what they are doing when they loan money to anyone to buy a house).

When buying or selling a home, there are many involved documents and if you don’t have a thorough understanding of the contract and process, as well as knowledge about real estate law, you can get yourself in big trouble, on either side of the table Once the deal is made, a price agreed upon, repairs or replacements are determined, the closing involves the buyer, the seller, the realtor on both sides, lawyers and notaries.

Yes, there is a whole circus of people involved and each one has a very important role in the process that should not be overlooked or skipped. Not only is there the repairs and replacements or possible multiple liens, but the property taxes are huge part of a real estate transaction too. Not just just the annual taxes that the city, county or state may get but the taxes the seller is responsible for on the sold property. You made some money and Uncle Sam wants his part of that money.

While it seems like a lot of people to make such a simple transaction, it actually will protect both sides of the transaction and really makes it all easier down the road. Buying or selling a home is a large transaction and many of us only do it once in our lives. When you skip certain steps that don’t seem necessary, such as getting an inspection done or requesting a due diligence, it cost either side thousands of dollars.

When you work with a professional realtor, they can walk you through the whole transaction, step by step. They help you meet your goals, provide you all financial options and make sure you are protected by using your legal rights and obligations. What they don’t know, they know people who do and get the answers for you.

Location, location, location – no doubt that you’ve heard this real estate mantra. The other one is pricing, pricing, pricing. Because a professional realtor not only knows real estate in general, they know the area you are buying into or selling out of and they know the best dollar value for either side of the deal. They are the ones, along with the help of appraisers, that make sure you don’t sell too low or pay too much.

A professional realtor has marketing abilities that you as an individual will not have. Every city, municipality and state have different laws governing how real estate can be marketed. A professional realtor knows those laws and how to get the most advertising out there on the behalf of a seller. While the MLS is important in real estate, there are other avenues as well and they know how, when and why to use those avenues. Each one cost money and they will make sure you are getting the most bang for the advertising buck.

When a real estate transaction is not handled properly, it can be a nightmare on either side. (Not just on Elm Street). You may be saving a few dollars by eliminating the realtor commission, but it can end up costing you thousands of dollars later. 

Buy & Sell smart – Call an experienced Realtor!

Kristie Scivicque
Kristie & Co.
Keller Williams Realty Premier Partners
Denham Springs, La


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